Mage 20th Anniversary- Paracosm

Mage 20- Paracosm Act 2

Traditions Ch 4-6

Chapter 4- Hello World 
“If thou but settest foot on this path, thou shalt see it everywhere.”  
― Hermes Trismegistus 
After meeting with the assembled cabals, Constance demanded (regardless of her motivations) that a tribunal be formed to discuss Rue’s current living arrangement which, as she pointed out, was more like the plot of Leon the Professional than most pre-adolescents’.  Also, Swan Law was raided by the police- nearly 20 bodies were found in the basement.  All but Sophia Ramirez had been dissected.  The staff is in custody- except James Dodge.  He was easily located on Corner Mountain outside Larkspur, and although the group couldn’t reach him directly because of oddly powerful correspondence warding, Rising Echo transported them (car and all) to one of the service roads running parallel to the interstate.   
The group continued on foot, and as you ascended the mountain you were able to see the lattice of prime that had covered Anybody’s Spring in effect at the summit.  Further scrutiny showed two liminal figures at the top.  While Granny began to “glitch,” the rest of you made the climb.  The figures seemed unconcerned by your arrival and attention until Rue tried to bind them as (my words) actualized stories in her book of fairy tales.  This seemed to bother the man in white- not Dodge- who promptly touched the back of his companion’s head, and both vanished.  Down the mountain, Granny returned to normal, and the five of you are headed back to the car to return to town. 

Chapter 5- Dina Won’t You Blow Your Horn 
“Bow down, I am the emperor of dreams.”  
―Clark Ashton Smith 
Both groups were separated when attempting to teleport back to Colorado Springs. Coco and Eugene made the trip while Ethan, James, and Ruby were stuck in Larkspur. The details of what each experienced are known ooooooonly to theeeeeem.

Chapter 6- Jobe with an “E” 
“To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement… Whoever defeats the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus… thereby it becomes its enemies.”     
―Philip K Dick 
Before stopping at the chantry, James took Eugene and Ruby to his apartment. There, Constance was waiting. She appeared anxious and was listening to a CD and reading Romans chapter 13. After a brief conversation, she ejected the CD which read “And Delilah” and left muttering “’…what kind of music was he playing…’ Hmph.” Eugene stashed the ’97 “slate green” Metro and returned with Ruby who, after an exchange with her familiar regarding her role in their peculiar syzygy was understandably distraught at the implication that the violence “Granny” doled out was her own- that she was the wolf and that the spirit- not knowing morality itself- was only as “big and bad” as she could imagine herself to be.
Cue existential crisis for orphan child-wizard.
The two groups were reunited at their chantry. After patching up, some of the group meditated at the node- this revealed two things. One- that the node itself had taken on an even more powerful liminal resonance and two- that the spiritual entity known as… *sigh*… Skubbicut, Exarch of the White Fog, had become suddenly drawn to Ruby during her self-questioning. What followed were words of comfort and offers of magical mood-boosting from the group (the Progenitors would like a word with you all, by the way), scathing words from Granny, and a jaunt into the Umbra from James who severed Skubbicut’s spiritual influence there.
As he was returning, the box of burner phones provided by Stefan all began to ring and repeatedly showed the text “ANYBODYS SPRING.”
Piling into the jeep, the group headed to the restaurant. Blasts of prime energy were visible from outside, and, rushing in, the place was being torn apart by gunfire. Julia was cowering behind the bar trying to staunch Echo’s multiple gunshot wounds. Although the immediate threat posed by the three mages (packing seriously advanced firearms) was dealt with, it was accomplished with the sacrifice of Granny who leapt in front of a blast aimed directly at Eugene. After Ethan had unplugged the music (the same that had been playing at James’ apartment and, a little over 24 hours ago, at Samson’s) Echo’s whisper that “the music was alive” and that “he recorded it all- hid it there” could be heard. When more figures emerged from the back, he finished by saying “I will take you where they can’t follow” and, in a display of Bodhisattva-meets-Lawnmower-Man cool, disintegrated and took you all to the land of the dead.
End Act 2.


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