Mage 20th Anniversary- Paracosm

First through 4th

In the first game, ya went to investigate an artifact in the Duskfall! In the second, ya found it and it gave ya visions of Joshua! After yer banishment, ya went ta Hom… got a house… killed some bandits. Went into Bazaar in your third. Rescued a beaten Fallen. In the fourth, ya left her with Veruka, went into the Outlands. Ya met with Gab, and YE LEFT ’EM TO DIE in the horrible Melanis Hive on the River Aska.

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Mage 20- Paracosm Act 1
Traditions Ch 1-3

Chapter 1- Communion  
“New technologies alter the structure of our interests: the things we think about. They alter the character of our symbols: the things we think with. And they alter the nature of community: the arena in which thoughts develop.”  
―Neil Postman, Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology  

Your chantry (The Golden Cycle) was contacted by Julia Reznik, proprietor of Anybody’s Spring, to investigate the app “KingdomCome” which, according to her, is captioning Celestial Choristers “inappropriately.”  She contacted the most diverse and apolitical cabals in town because the Virtual Adepts/Mercurial Elite are almost certainly behind it (almost certainly not the entire tradition since that would require a degree of unity unheard of from a bunch of proto-anarchists) and their relations with the Chorus in the Springs is already strained.  While there, you noticed a few things- lines of prime in the exterior of the building plainly visible to anyone with Prime 1, a number of other Mages present (neutral ground between groups), and a lady who fell to the ground convulsing.  She was said to be suffering from “toxic shock syndrome” which- while the symptoms of the moment certainly fit- is not a condition notable for its sudden onset.  Neither is it associated with diabetes/insulin (although JM/James Riekson, on his way to the hospital, will be able to comment more thoroughly upon this point).  Fortunately a “doctor” James Dodge was present (actually a funeral cosmetologist for Swan Law), “correctly” diagnosed her, the EMTs were uninterested in following protocol, and she was whisked away to Memorial.

Chapter 2- The Maltese Chimera 
“And so art is everywhere, since artifice is at the very heart of reality. And so art is dead, not only because its critical transcendence is gone, but because reality itself, entirely impregnated by an aesthetic which is inseparable from its own structure, has been confused with its own image. Reality no longer has the time to take on the appearance of reality. It no longer even surpasses fiction: it captures every dream even before it takes on the appearance of a dream.”   
― Jean Baudrillard

James has followed up with Anne Brewer at the hospital.  The rest of you watched James Dodge overnight and noticed two things- he enjoys his PC and his neighbors will likely shoot on sight if you ever idle your car in front of a drug den for 2+ hours again.  You returned and successfully saw him take part in his morning routine of computer use and haphazard dressing, but the interior of his apartment (and workspace at Swan Law) is an unknown save for two windows.  
Coco followed up with Swan Law and Dodge, noting only that he was exhausted, distracted by his cellphone, and had no memory of the night before.  The staff was very helpful and gave her a phone book’s worth of reading material.  
Ethan helped a colleague in the Society of Ether with an IT setup at UCCS after his VA/ME contact, “Samson,” failed to show up.  He also revealed that, strictly speaking, while KingdomCome is widely available, he’s only noted its capacity to caption Choristers in the Springs- and you have only seen it caption Julia, not James or any other.  
He thanked Ethan for his help who, in return, decided to snoop around his colleague’s gallery, tripped over a cord he had just laid, and destroyed the project that had prompted the call in the first place.  The Etherite (somewhat unwisely) used very non-PC language on a college campus and asked Ethan to excuse himself for the indefinite future.
Rue, after being stuck with first shift during a stake-out of a drug dealer’s neighbor on a Monday night was understandably cranky and slept for most of the morning, dreaming of the prime lines in Anybody’s Spring turning to gold flake, blowing away, and revealing a nesting doll-series of restaurants under it which revealed, at the end, an egg which birthed a stillborn black swan.  She investigated at the downtown library and met a nice man who advised her to seek out the librarians’ help in the future when he was unable- as with the cabal- to find anything through traditional means about the app’s manufacturer.
Eugene went to work and is waiting to investigate Pulpit Rock on Wednesday- the first noted location of the first KingdomCome review (not necessarily first use) by user XxLoveLightLifexX

It is now 6pm on Tuesday and you have yet to hear from James.

Chapter 2.2- James
James entered Memorial without incident and was taken to see Anne Brewer. Her toxic shock was a legitimate ailment and resulted from an infection at the pump site for her insulin injector.

Chapter 2.3- The Maltese Chimera cont.
We love our superheroes because they refuse to give up on us. We can analyze them out of existence, kill them, ban them, mock them, and still they return, patiently reminding us of who we are and what we wish we could be.”
― Grant Morrison

Knowing that Ethan’s Etherite contact (Chris) at UCCS had mentioned “Samson’s” failure to show to help wire together a multimedia presentation he had prepped for a gallery exhibit, both Ethan and Eugene decided to swing by his house as a courtesy and see what was happening. When they arrived to his picturesque Westside home, the windows were drawn, lights were on, and music was blasting. After he failed to answer the door, the pair let themselves in and found him dead at his computer, stale smell of beer mixing with a potpourri of weed and cheap incense, pepperoni and cheese congealed in grease, and sweatpants soiled with now only slightly warm excrement. Noting that the keyboard and mouse had been moved and then “Samson” placed back on top of them, the two called the police to report the death. Upon their arrival, the cops took statements, the cash from “Samson’s” wallet, and watched the paramedics cart him off. Ethan and Eugene had wisely photographed the computer screen before this all transpired, and, after, they contacted Chris about his friend. Chris relayed that “Samson” may have been morbidly obese but utilized nanites to keep his circulatory system and other organs in tip-top shape. His death was certainly not natural, and the Etherite suspected that his friend’s militant atheism may have finally attracted fatal attention from the Chorus. As Julia suggested, tensions certainly seem high in the city.
The group, having rejoined, decided that a late-night visit to the Adept’s home was in order. From the photograph taken it was easy to see that a file was missing from the immaculately arranged desktop, and Eugene recalled that he had not seen a phone on the body or in the house. At this point, bowing to the wisdom of Joseph Kony, the group realized that utilizing their pre-teen colleague in a B&E was a prudent decision, and, having been blessed with divine protection and subtle mind-altering effects, she was eager to help. Coco was somewhat distant from this endeavor, but arranged to be present at Uintah Gardens in the event help was needed- and to acquire more palatable foodstuffs for the chantry. She also noted the presence of a 2016 black Lexus GS F ( just down the street from the house to be burgled. Ethan and Eugene were similarly poised and stationed themselves at Cy’s- where they, too, acquired more palatable foodstuffs (La Casita is insufficient stake-out food).
James and Rue B approached the house and were alerted by the angelic guardian James had summoned to warding all around it. James headed to the front to pick the lock while Rue traveled to the back and snuck in through a high, small bathroom window.
Rue B was greeted by a man and woman in the bathroom- the former a skinnier and younger Rick Moranis in a tweed jacket and jeans, the latter an athletic Tilda Swinton in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with black hair tied back in a ponytail. Both were startled to see her, and when she refused to answer their questions the woman drew a gun. The man had her lower it- and Rue’s rambling narrative drew attention away from James who entered, stole the PC, and left. The man calmly and with seemingly impossible strength lifted Rue B and (delicately) defenestrated her.
Whether it was the sound of James running to the car, Rue’s whispered comment, or the tread of a wolf across gravel, the pair of evidently cybernetically augmented humans called out through the window and were met with a withering hail of gunfire. The group, now split in 3, quickly communicated an intention to meet at the Chapel Hills (?) Mall.

Chapter 3- Elvis Has Entered the Building
Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.
― C. S. Lewis

The cabal, split into 3, drove to the Citadel  Mall.  Along the way, the computer James stole from Samson’s residence exploded (a small explosion- and contained by the bulk of Rue’s familiar, Granny).  Both Coco and Eugene were contacted by their mentors (Coco’s being a mentor to the extent that if one were required on “Wizard School Application” he would be listed and a small prayer offered that he wasn’t actually contacted) and told that the Traditions were gathering to discuss Samson’s murder- the cabal’s presence was requested. 
After recouping briefly at the mall and then at IHOP (where Jill, the City’s Friendliest All-Hours Breakfast Server holds a second job), the group was able to share Rue’s lived experience of her B&E and “compare notes” about the goings-on.  Worth mentioning is James’ debt to one of the Grigori, Ethan’s spoofed ip via literal mirror, Coco’s successful meeting with the crème de la crème of Springs’ elite ladies the following morning (and decision to purchase burner phones in bulk The Wire-style), Granny’s growing wariness about his charge’s companions, and Eugene’s nosing about at the CSPD revealing no “special agents” in town. 
The El Paso Club’s hidden sub-basement (accessed via the Acacia Park Hotel) hosts the city’s Tradition leadership.  You were greeted by: 

The Eightpenny Cabal 
Drake Ingram bani Quaesitor (Order of Hermes), a misanthropic stereotype of every curmudgeonly English professor who considers tweed jackets with elbow pads the embodiment of chic authority. 
Symeon Fisher (Chakravanti), Eugene’s mentor- of Greek descent, his runner’s build and quiet confidence could land him a lead role in a supermarket romance novel. 
Rising Echo (Akashayana), on the other end of stereotypes, with fair skin, ostentatious headphones, and casual first-world dress is as far from what you would expect of the Akashayana as you could get- except the uniform millimeter of fuzz for a “haircut.” 
Chris Lamphier (Society of Ether), has too much enthusiasm for his craft to let his skinny-fat build and ill-fitting clothes ever bother him.  If Symeon possesses quiet confidence, Chris has the look of someone in a perpetual state of “Eureka!” on  LSD, but he carries it well. 
Sophia Ramirez (Celestial Chorus), is the cabal’s counterpoint to cries of “patriarchy!” She is known for providing the warmth  of the group, and looks the part- a solidly-built, motherly figure who inspires feelings of security in those around her despite standing less than 5’ tall.  Her current whereabouts are unknown. 

The New Arcadians 
Vesper Bell (Verbenae), founded the cabal at a small house on- you guessed it- Arcadia St.  Despite her name and Tradition, she presents herself in fairly status quo dress, favoring unremarkable greens and whites that still do little to conceal a body overflowing  with vitality and energy. 
Rhys Gammon (Sahajiya) always looks like he just saw a ghost- which he may have.  Gaunt, with dark-rimmed, nervous eyes, and unkempt hair, he openly advertises his magical practice with shirts proclaiming things like “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” underneath a grotesque depiction of Yog Sothoth. 
Joseph (Joe) Morales (Kha’vadi), makes his modest income providing Mexican markets with everything you need for Santeria and amazing  sauces.  The garden he maintains at the Arcadians’ chantry is the envy of other mages.  He looks and acts accustomed to hard labor, unperturbed by any environment.  He’s married to… 
Julia Reznik (Celestial Chorus), the proprietor of Anybody’s Spring is a 1920s flapper out of time.  Her joie de vivre and ecstatic approaches to her faith have helped bridge some of the rifts between the Chorus and other factions in the city.  At the same time, she has polarized some of the more hardline groups like… 

The Annunciators 
Constance Episcapo (Celestial Chorus)  has drifted in and out of the city’s politics for some time.  Her work takes her on “missions” around the globe, and since she looks and radiates sex and death, that she often works with the militant branches of the Chorus is no secret.  She founded the Annunciators after a vision of- surprise- the Annunciation- and has only brought her single-Tradition cabal into politics over the past few months.   
Audra Flores (Celestial Chorus) is a shrew.  Small of stature and looking like she does IT for Mad Max, she takes offense easily and imagines offenses where none were intended.   
David White (Celestial Chorus) is a hunk.  If John Wayne had trained as a linebacker and lived for his family he’d be half the man David is. 

The “council” brought to light a few lines of inquiry-  
What were the lines of prime at Anybody’s Spring on the night you spoke with Julia about Kingdom Come? 
What the hell happened with James Dodge, anyway? 
Who killed Samson?  If the Technocracy, why were there agents there later?  If Traditions, why erase evidence he may have developed KingdomCome? 
Is there any way this is related to Sophia’s disappearance? 

And Symeon would like to speak with you about his former apprentice, Asher Vossberg, now working with the Technocracy’s Black Swan Construct. 

End Act 1. 

Mage 20- Paracosm Act 2
Traditions Ch 4-6

Chapter 4- Hello World 
“If thou but settest foot on this path, thou shalt see it everywhere.”  
― Hermes Trismegistus 
After meeting with the assembled cabals, Constance demanded (regardless of her motivations) that a tribunal be formed to discuss Rue’s current living arrangement which, as she pointed out, was more like the plot of Leon the Professional than most pre-adolescents’.  Also, Swan Law was raided by the police- nearly 20 bodies were found in the basement.  All but Sophia Ramirez had been dissected.  The staff is in custody- except James Dodge.  He was easily located on Corner Mountain outside Larkspur, and although the group couldn’t reach him directly because of oddly powerful correspondence warding, Rising Echo transported them (car and all) to one of the service roads running parallel to the interstate.   
The group continued on foot, and as you ascended the mountain you were able to see the lattice of prime that had covered Anybody’s Spring in effect at the summit.  Further scrutiny showed two liminal figures at the top.  While Granny began to “glitch,” the rest of you made the climb.  The figures seemed unconcerned by your arrival and attention until Rue tried to bind them as (my words) actualized stories in her book of fairy tales.  This seemed to bother the man in white- not Dodge- who promptly touched the back of his companion’s head, and both vanished.  Down the mountain, Granny returned to normal, and the five of you are headed back to the car to return to town. 

Chapter 5- Dina Won’t You Blow Your Horn 
“Bow down, I am the emperor of dreams.”  
―Clark Ashton Smith 
Both groups were separated when attempting to teleport back to Colorado Springs. Coco and Eugene made the trip while Ethan, James, and Ruby were stuck in Larkspur. The details of what each experienced are known ooooooonly to theeeeeem.

Chapter 6- Jobe with an “E” 
“To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement… Whoever defeats the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus… thereby it becomes its enemies.”     
―Philip K Dick 
Before stopping at the chantry, James took Eugene and Ruby to his apartment. There, Constance was waiting. She appeared anxious and was listening to a CD and reading Romans chapter 13. After a brief conversation, she ejected the CD which read “And Delilah” and left muttering “’…what kind of music was he playing…’ Hmph.” Eugene stashed the ’97 “slate green” Metro and returned with Ruby who, after an exchange with her familiar regarding her role in their peculiar syzygy was understandably distraught at the implication that the violence “Granny” doled out was her own- that she was the wolf and that the spirit- not knowing morality itself- was only as “big and bad” as she could imagine herself to be.
Cue existential crisis for orphan child-wizard.
The two groups were reunited at their chantry. After patching up, some of the group meditated at the node- this revealed two things. One- that the node itself had taken on an even more powerful liminal resonance and two- that the spiritual entity known as… *sigh*… Skubbicut, Exarch of the White Fog, had become suddenly drawn to Ruby during her self-questioning. What followed were words of comfort and offers of magical mood-boosting from the group (the Progenitors would like a word with you all, by the way), scathing words from Granny, and a jaunt into the Umbra from James who severed Skubbicut’s spiritual influence there.
As he was returning, the box of burner phones provided by Stefan all began to ring and repeatedly showed the text “ANYBODYS SPRING.”
Piling into the jeep, the group headed to the restaurant. Blasts of prime energy were visible from outside, and, rushing in, the place was being torn apart by gunfire. Julia was cowering behind the bar trying to staunch Echo’s multiple gunshot wounds. Although the immediate threat posed by the three mages (packing seriously advanced firearms) was dealt with, it was accomplished with the sacrifice of Granny who leapt in front of a blast aimed directly at Eugene. After Ethan had unplugged the music (the same that had been playing at James’ apartment and, a little over 24 hours ago, at Samson’s) Echo’s whisper that “the music was alive” and that “he recorded it all- hid it there” could be heard. When more figures emerged from the back, he finished by saying “I will take you where they can’t follow” and, in a display of Bodhisattva-meets-Lawnmower-Man cool, disintegrated and took you all to the land of the dead.
End Act 2.

M20- Paracosm Intermission cont.
Disparate Alliance

Recalling a lecture from when you were first inducted into the Technocracy-

“Akrites Salonikas was one of the Traditions’ most powerful.
“He never took on a leadership role, but, arguably, those who meddle too much with Lorentz transformations and Minkowski spacetime by means of …experientially-induced psychical phenomena rather than, say, superluminal motion… or using Higgs Boson gravity wells… or any dozen other sane mechanisms are as adept at dodging Loschmidt’s paradox as they are at dodging responsibility in general.”
A few students in the classroom snort laughter like nervous piglets choking on excitement. The speaker, a thin, baby-faced man, regards you dispassionately from behind horn-rimmed glasses before gesturing with an obvious prosthetic. Quiet.
“In all seriousness, though, moduli fields can be terrifying to consider. If the density of dark energy increases, eventually the connections between even the components of atoms will become too tenuous, and the universe’s brief, many-billion-year love affair with itself will end as reality itself rips apart. The dark energy density and expansion rate of the manifold become infinite and every speck of meaning in the cosmos is pulled apart into singularities dancing spasmodically in the void.
“That’s why Loschmidt’s paradox is so damn frustrating. Even if there was a way to travel against time, why is our way, our direction, preferred? Why are we spiraling out?- why, when we are understanding more and more of the intrinsic laws of the universe do they continually seem to change or defy categorization and understanding? Why does time-asymmetry seem to be the one inescapable rule? I have read everything I could find on Maxwell’s demon, mirror matter, supersymmetry, baryogenesis, every conceivable branch of statistical mechanics- you name it.
“The only thing that I’ve learned is this: in 10^1500 years from now, just before the universe is in tatters, cold fusion through quantum tunneling will turn light nuclei to iron; fission and alpha particle emission will turn heavy nuclei to iron.
“The entities popularly called “fairies” are thought by the Traditions to be laid low by symbols of order- specifically, iron. In truth, cold iron is incredibly ordered. All matter is progressing towards iron, towards order, because entropy is increasing.
“Iron is the canary in the coal mine. It is the last gasp of order. The Kali Yuga, the last age of the world, is the Age of Iron. Max Weber wrote about our unsolvable social situation in the ‘iron cage of rationality.’
“Chaos is not heat. The fire is not what is burning. Chaos is complete and utter isolation. Anything is possible when nothing is defined. The tree that fell in the forest may have made a sound. It may not. The sound may have been the crack of timber or it may have been the barely perceptible whisper of surgically parsed flesh.
“Chaos is not a riot of sound and color; that’s order with rules and patterns so rich and elaborate they provide a blinding and deafening amount of meaning. When everything is connected and interrelated, making sense of it is like…- like looking upon the face of God. Too much order renders a witness inchoate. The fairies are not anomalies born of chaos. We are. Only as meaning devolves have humans made a place in the universe. The kaleidoscopic, Arcadian storm the so-called “fair folk” set loose upon the world is a maelstrom of order in which we cannot survive.
“Chaos, though… Chaos is an icy, iron star disintegrating in the void with no rules to hold it.
“Think on that when you consider your duty to the Masses. This is not an easy truth. Dumb chaos- walls, rigidity, hard lines- is easy. True order is an impossible aspiration, the domain of gods. We will only be successful when it is the domain of gods and men.”

…Snapping back to yourselves, you recalled that you were on a rapid-response team to investigate a severe paradox storm brewing in the heart of downtown. The target- yourselves.
You snap back to your other selves and see the technocrats you possessed in a vision of the future staring at you from the doorway.
Roadie begins to play his guitar.
Blake approaches the Technocrats.
Roadie fumbles an arete roll in a spectacular fashion, and Doc Myers neutralizes some of its more calamitous effects with a prime-entropy “pulse-grenade.” As one of the patrons of Seeds’ head pops like a zit and others hit the floor screaming, Jessica calms the crowd with practiced poise and buzzwords.
Samantha goes to apprehend Blake, and the resultant paradox blinks El…Eljin? Crap… where are my notes…
Nathan’s character blinks out of existence.
The rest of you wake in the mining exchange around duffel bags of ammo, plastique, and a seizing Roadie.
After a trip to the shower, he does better. Earl recognizes the pills he woke next to as an elaborate prank he was in on. You get a wheeled cart, load it with weapons, cover it with a blanket, and head downstairs. You make it as far as the kitchen to Springs Orleans before a comedy of errors results in the cart being exposed. In quick succession:
Wu Ho: Apologies, this is not as it seems. We-
Earl: punches waiter
Blake: covers waiter’s mouth
Roadie: constantly making music with some equipment/part of his body, begins to weave an illusion to make the cart contents look like props.
The group “resolves” this issue, piles into a van, and, noting Roadie’s odd flickering, drives to go steal the Ripley Scroll from the Technocrats much sooner than they expected (because, once again, they’re missing days."

The attack goes down… more or less like before.
Mike Mattheson is cut in half by shrapnel from the vehicle exploding.
Roadie has one hell of an effect built and ready to go.
And Symeon…
Symeon, unscathed at the point when your vision ended, collapses to his knees, eyes roll back, and he starts speaking:

In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable
When all his feathers be from him gone
He standeth still here as a stone
Here is now both white and red
And all so the stone to quicken the dead
All and some without fable
Both hard and soft and malleable
Understand now well and right
And thank you God of this sight.

At that, his eyes boil and spill down his cheeks, searing lines in his face as they go. In their place are two brass coins.
His screaming lets you know he’s still alive.

Information, Highlights, Etc.
For bi-weekly rememberings

In addition to the summaries posted below for Paracosm, the following are important points that could/would be covered by Asher Vossberg while finding your tunnel hideout. That’s right, in addition to playing characters of Middle Eastern descent, you are now hiding in tunnels in the mountains after carrying out attacks against the government. But, as you will see, that’s to be expected…

Traditions Game
The app, Kingdom Come, did have quirky effects (like captioning choristers), but it also was part of the Paracosm Project. In an effort to anticipate and manage/direct desires, the Technocracy has been working on ever more advanced AR and simulations. Unfortunately, this has often had the opposite impact- dating sims are all the rage in Japan, but, like the panda, the nation’s population is declining. Sports simulations- everything from dressing in costume (jerseys) to video games are most popular in the world’s most obese nation.
The first warning signs of Paracosm going awry could be seen in James Dodge- a funeral cosmetologist whose phone was loaded with medical simulations, and who passed himself off as a doctor in the very first game. There were distinct prime/spirit effects associated with this event.
Later, you encountered Hathaway, the head of the NWO and, by extension, the Technocracy in the area. He, with James Dodge, was on a hill over Larkspur where the lines between reality and spirit were getting blurred but also changed/warped. Below, some Ren-Fair employees, subsumed by their fantasy, went a-viking. The same prime/spirit effects could be seen during this time.
The Exarch of the White Fog, a powerful spirit, attached itself to your node/chantry during this time (the Golden Cycle- it had called each of you individually at the game’s start). The chantry also began to produce old newspaper clippings from the node in its basement.
History of chantry for those interested:
A small house near the Midland Trail with a basement you’ve begun to dig out yourselves- for some reason the Earth there has begun to “soak up” gold flake (tass). It is across from the Gold Cycle Mill ruins near Cimarron and 21st. You were all independently drawn to the area where the house was being foreclosed upon just this last year through odd visions of spinning wheels and gold thread, luminescent gilded wheels with spokes of blinding white light, the ophanim spinning fire in place, arcane blueprints of light given form and turned to designs that make Ed Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle lookas impressive as a Duplo block house- WHATEVER. When you all arrived at the same time it didn’t take long for you to begin sharing your stories and pooling resources to buy the place from the bank. Thanks to Coco’s influence, you own it outright and it would take some effort for any financially inclined technocrats to track you down with its purchase.
There is an unknown history to the place that you have just begun to (literally) scratch the surface of, but that it somehow sought all of you out is undeniable. A few homeless people in the area keep eyes and ears out for you and through long histories of drug abuse, the weirdness they’ve grown accustomed to, and curiously resilient faith they function as acolytes (non-sleepers) for the purposes of vulgar magic. The place has a “liminal” resonance- being present there provides an odd sensation of being perched on a threshold, of anticipatory excitement- and not a small amount of apprehension, too.
Also, liminal sounds like luminous- and a lumen is a unit of luminous flux Jooooooohn.
Other Tradition mages- if you are ok with them knowing about your chantry- seem oddly incurious about it and often refer to you (when they think to do so) as “those Golden Cycle mages.”

In case you’re curious-
1906 Golden Cycle Mill opens as world’s largest gold mill.
1907 Coal dust explosion destroys large part of the mill.
1908 Mill reopens bigger and better.
1914 Mill processes ore from the Cresson Vug — a gold crystal-lined cave that produced $18 million worth of gold, at today’s prices, in one month.
1942 Mill pours its 10,000th gold brick. In all, 483,441 pounds of gold have been shipped.
1949 Mill closes. Golden Cycle company opens a new mill near Victor two years later.
1975 Gold Hill Recycle Project attempts to recover remaining gold from tailings. Partnership falls apart within a year.
1988 City grows uneasy over increasing use of mill ruins by partying teenagers and “Satanists.”
1989 Australian Pacific Minerals buys mill site for $13.5 million to attempt to recover remaining gold.
1992 Australian Pacific can’t pay its bills; land is returned to previous owner, Fountain Creek Corp. City condemns property, owner razes remaining foundations of mill, leaving original smokestack as a historical landmark.
1993 Environmental Protection Agency lists toxic tailings pile as a possible Superfund site, but the tailings are never officially listed.
1997 Gold Hill Mesa Joint Venture unveils a plan to mine the tailings, then develop the site as a neighborhood.
1999 Study by private engineering consultants hired by developers shows site can be built on without removing tailings.
2004 Gold Hill Mesa gets city approval to build 1,400 houses and 700,000 square feet of office and retail space on tailings.
2005 Ground is broken in March.
Back in the then-present…
Constance’s Chorister civil war ended this game arc, and the PCs were drawn into the Shadowlands to escape the Choristers-turned-Gabrielites (a faction that was purged from the Technocracy during Victoria’s reign).

Disparates Game
There are two major events happening concurrently.
One- Paracosm is out of control. Colorado Springs is being regarded …carefully… by the federal government. Notably, wargames have been drilled nearly every other day. A number of Technocrats were actually worried about the “fantasy” spreading, but nobody can speak up while Constance and Hathaway’s new alliance threatens to have people on the wrong side of a purge. You may have been drawn into this by the collective Will of the Sleepers caught up in their simulation.
Of course, there’s also the matter of the Ripley Scroll.
As Earl discovered, when joined with the sigils in the Fragile Path, you learn:
Heylel Teomim (Solificati/Children of Knowledge) and Akrites Salonikas (Sahajiya/Cult of Ecstasy), both members of the First Cabal, conspired to execute and hide what Porthos calls “The Betrayer’s Rite.”
Heylel “betrayed” the First Cabal to the Technocracy (then called the Order of Reason), and Porthos was the only one present who wondered at the massive holes in his plan- like leading the assault but claiming he hoped to not be seen and lead the subsequent rescue. Akrites and Heylel loop Porthos in at the moment of Heylel’s gilgul (destruction of his twin-avatars) and execution. Porthos watches as the avatars are not destroyed but are drawn like iron filings backwards and forwards through time. With his sacrifice, Heylel gives rise to the Entelechy that created the Ahl-i-Batin… and also helps strengthen the gauntlet separating spirit from material. Porthos will do the same, unleashing the Avatar Storm in 1999/2000 when obscenely powerful archmages battling in Horizon (Traditions’ umbral HQ) and the Digital Web, and Technocrats dropping spirit-nukes in the Underworld and aligning space-lasers to fry reborn demonic entities became a bit… dangerous… for the world at large. His sacrifice strengthened the gauntlet (perhaps a bit much), and the realms of possible and imagined were pushed farther apart. It is understandably called “The Betrayer’s Rite.” It kills a Mage and, in simplest terms, makes the world less magical. Further, it was not the Technocracy who has used it but the Traditions- TWICE.
Now you have access to the rite. The Ripley Scroll and Fragile Path could do most of the work, but you would still need a sacrificial lamb. The picture below is from the Ripley Scroll (source- wikipedia)


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